Ancient Audio Holography II

Varenummer: Ancient Audio Holography II

Ancient Audio Holography II

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hi-end monitor speaker system

Mini-monitors (have) a long tradition in music reproduction. Some audiophiles have been using them due to a limited listening room space and a limited budget. However, others with quite substantial financial resources still decide to prefer monitors to floorstanders. Why do they?

Smaller dimensions make speaker system as close to the point source of sound as possible. Reproduction of space, focusing of musical instruments, lack of midrange coloration are the distinctive features of monitors. Moreover, a relatively short distance between the speakers as well as that of the cabinet walls make it for a faster and better controlled bass response.

On the other hand, monitors have their intrinsic limitations such as dynamic range, bass response and impact which are far from possibilities of floor standing speakers.

While designing first “Holography” monitor, we had predominantly one thing in mind, how to achieve the best aspects of monitor sound reproduction and break its limitations without having to compromise too much. As a result we created a small speaker which does not demand a spacious room and provides a big sound and has, we hope, a reasonably high ‘wife acceptance factor”.

Four years after the first model, we created the “Holography” successor, model II.

As the opposite to first monitor, both speaker drivers are delivered by these same manufacturer: German Eton.

The midrange woofer is exceptional with its unusual sandwich diaphragm. Two layers of Kevlar are connected by honeycomb Nomex structure that constitutes an ultra light and stiff composite also used in aerospace projects and Formula1 race cars. Speaker is free of resonance, and makes excellent impact, both on bass and mid band.

The tweeter has soft, silk-dome. Due to ferrofluid-free concept a fine sound details are rich, and naturally presented.

The speakers cabinets were also specially designed for its. Internal reinforcement made up of carbon fiber, glass fiber, fixed to the inside of the cabinet to make the whole structure exceptionally rigid and stable. Curved side walls are more stiff than flat are. Finished with natural veneer, speaker cabinet sports a traditional look and mechanical features allowing for resonance-free and dynamic sound.

Dynamic and spacious reproduction is the key factor to make a big sound. Physics laws (size and displacement of diaphragm) limit a constant bass response but the possibility of excellent bass impact reproduction can evoke larger sound impression that the dimension of the overall cabinet size might suggest.

But the most important is the correct linking of these components: both speaker drivers and cabinet. The key of precise sound is equal sound speed of all frequencies. In case of two-way speaker, it was necessary to link slower woofer sound waves with faster tweeter waves. It was a reason to set a low crossover frequency. But to not overload the tweeter by unwanted frequency energy, a sharp-slope crossover was needed. So, we designed a very sophisticated crossover. It is a combination of traditional Bessel filters and elliptic. To correct phase shift between two drivers, additional common circuit was applied. It is a reason for only one speaker terminal pairs – biwiring isn’t possible. As the result, “Holography II” have excellent space reproduction and holography-like sound imaging.


* 2 way, bass-reflex reference speaker system

* ferrofluid-free silk dome Eton tweeter

* stiff and light cone of 7″ Eton Hexacone woofer

* carbon fiber/ glass fiber reinforced, elliptical-shape cabinet

* all pure silver ribbon wiring

* phase-corrected crossover

* frequency response ( +/- 3 dB) 42 Hz – 23 kHz

* 88 dB / W / m efficiency, 8 ohm

* recommended amplifier power: 8 -100 W

* suitable room: 15 – 30 sq.m

* dimensions ( w x h x d ): 235 x 410 x 330 mm

* weight : 32 kg / pair (without stands)

* detachable custom stands