Icon Audio MB805 Single Ended 805 Power Amplifiers – MB805

Icon Audio MB805 Single Ended 805 Power Amplifiers – MB805


40+40 watts rms*
All Class A
Single Ended
All Pure Triode
Choke Loaded Driver
Upgrade options available, please enquire with us.

45 Watts of Class A Beautiful Sound


For some audiophiles only a Single Ended design amplifier (only one output valve) can reproduce that “Holy Grail” of musical performance which in reality is rarely achieved. The 805 valve offers the potential to give a large amount of power to drive conventional speakers with ease, but this unique transmitting valve is difficult to drive. We use a small power amplifier in the form of a 2A3 triode which is itself driven by 4 6SL7s to the right dynamics and sympathetic feel.

Not only does the 805 sound sublime but driven properly is able to deliver power to drive all but the most inefficient speakers.

No expense or effort has been spared on this design which includes a massive power supply and output transformer with our unique tertiary winding. A large choke smooths the power.

The result is the most extraordinary amplifier we have ever made having the speed power and dynamics of an equivalent push pull amplifier, but with the poise and precision that only SE can produce.

For some people only a large triode valve like the 805 can give the golden warm tone which is so pleasing, with its feeling of air and space and sense of realism. But many SE and even 805 amplifiers are of low power. Our MB805 is designed to deliver 40 watts. More than enough to play large orchestral works and modern music.



For some Single Ended Triode (SET) is the only way to “musical truth” devoid of any “mechanical” qualities or graininess, with rich texture and easy listening, whilst not as dynamic as more modern push-pull types, the MB805se has plenty of power for most needs.