Icon Audio Stereo 845 Integrated 845 PP Amplifier

Icon Audio Stereo 845 Integrated 845 PP Amplifier


845s in Push Pull
40+40 Watts RMS*
6SN7 and 6SL7
Valve Rectifier
LDT Transformers*
Remote Control
«Easy Bias» Meter
Twin Choke Double
Power Supply
Record Loop
Valve and capacitor upgrade available, please enquire.

Our new flagship integrated amplifier. Designed to get the best out of the fabulous 845 valve. Ideal for someone wanting the ultimate in luxurious warm sound.

The legendary 845 luxurious sound quality is presented here in nearly all class A, as the valves are only running at 35% of their rated output. The attention to detail and quality will reveal the finest detail of your recordings in a warm musical form.

Everything possible has been done to allow this superb valve to work its magic. Forty watts is ample power to obtain a high volume in most situations. This means that all of the components and valves are generously rated to give the ST845 its enviable sonic signature. And still comfortably get everything in one chassis.


The importance of Push Pull. Many exotic SE designs are criticised for their distortion and bass performance. A glance at the ST845 figures shows real bass power at low distortion is possible!

The sound quality: tested on a wide range of loudspeakers the ST845 offers a very unbiased interpretation of music that only valves can do. The design is deceptively simple, using very little feedback, lots of pure copper and heat!

You can expect a three dimensional sound stage, and very precise imaging is more precise. The “texture” of each instrument is more apparent.


Why did we design this? Following our very successful MB845 110w mono blocks, we realised that there are many people who just love the sublime quality of the 845 valves but do not need high power or have the space needed for two large mono blocks and a pre-amp. Surprisingly 100w to 40w is only 3.9db lower in sound output, so the ST845 is an excellent relatively small one box.


Summary: The finest pure triode presentation for those not needing high power. Created with absolute listening quality in mind. The “ultimate” triode PP integrated amplifier.