Ifi Mercury 3.0 USB 1,0m

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Ifi Mercury 3.0 USB 1,0m


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Generic USB cables can have a negative impact on your enjoyment of music.

Meet the iFi audio Mercury3.0. Maximum signal transfer. Minimum interference.


With generic mass-produced USB cables, the data and power cables are normally packed together. This means that they do not conduct as well as they should and they are not sufficiently shielded from each other. This has a negative impact on USB signal integrity and degrades sound quality.

Our quadruple shielding fully separates and protects the delicate USB data signal from the power. This protects the cable from RFI and EMI noise to provide the cleanest transfer medium possible.



Each iFi cable follows closely the tech specs of usb.org.

The Mercury3.0 custom minimum inductance parallel type with quadruple-shielding. This offers even more protection from RFI and EMI noise than the original. Sound quality is not compromised as with many ‘off the shelf’ versions where inadequate shielding is commonplace. Critically, the whole design hardly has a 5% tolerance to the 90ohm impedance rule.


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