Plixir Elite BAC 400

Plixir Elite BAC 400

Designed around our concept of Pure Tone*, it naturally cleans up the incoming AC mains supply and improves current delivery to your system. It uses a custom single-winding balanced power transformer to reduce ground-loop current and noise to negligible levels, making the PLiXiR Elite BAC the ideal pick for electrically sensitive equipment like turntables and phono stages.

This Elite BAC 400 is stackable up with Elite BAC150 and Elite BDC, thus, saves space and cabling while delivering cleanest power to your systems. Please refer to Stackable section to customise the stack to best fit your needs. Otherwise, contact us for needed advice.

To achieve true balanced transformer winding, we partner with premier transformer-maker Noratel to custom produce our balanced transformers based on their cutting-edge XQ eXtra Quiet noise attenuation technology.

In all aspects electrical and mechanical, this product is built with true craftsmanship. Electrical connections are done to the furthest extent using point-to-point direct soldering, minimising the use of sound-degrading connectors and joints.

Building a conditioner in such a way is more labour-intensive than conventional methods, but the result is worth it: better sound quality, greater purity of tone, stronger power delivery and finer inner details. The music just flows better – the perceptible Pure Tone* difference.

Technology & Craft

Our Elite balanced power conditioners features the highest grade power transformer from Noratel, the inventor and premier toroidal power transformer manufacturer. Customised to our exact spec and with proprietary XQ (eXtra Quiet) technology, our Elite balanced power conditioner provides the best noise isolation, power conditioning and optimal systems grounding for your hifi system in a single package.

Other Features

Single-winding transformer

Single-winding transformer dedicated models for 120 Vac and 230 Vac input/output, and each transformer only has a single winding for their intended application for the best performance possible


Extruded, 5mm-thick aluminium casing body. Thick metal top and bottom plates provide an ultra-rigid casing that guards against the sound-degrading effects of mechanical vibrations and protects the transformer from external damage


Individually built and tested by hand by master craftsmen

Alternative Power Conditioning For

Desk-fi setup including a DAC, head amplifier and a pair of small sized active speakers (example ADAM’s Artist 3).

Hi-fi source equipment (Pre-Amp, DAC, Transport, CD/BD Player, media server, turntable etc).

Mac mini style media server PC/Laptop together with your audio equipment.


Input 220~240Vac to output 220~240Vac balanced 50hz.

IDLE POWER CONSUMPTION – Less than 1.5% of Max power.


WEIGHT – 10 kg

DIMENSIONS (IN MM) – 230 x 160 x 130

CASING FINISH – Black anodized, sandblasted aluminium