Reed 5A Tonearm

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Reed 5A Tonearm


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Reed 5A tonearm introduced as angling- 90o -tangential-pivot-tonearm, it is based on Double Birch/Thales geometry and will complement our tangential tonearm lineup.
Below is the scheme of Double Birch/Thales geometry ( Fig.1). Tonearm geometry is optimized for minimal tracking error.
Operating principle of the tonearm is illustrated in

Reed 5A tangential tonearm               Fig. 1

P1, O1, P3 – Thales’ semicircle,
P1-A1-P3, P1-A2-P3, P1-A3-P3 angles are 90⁰ each,
A1,1B1 = A2,1B2= A3,1B3 segments represent tonearm length,
1B – vertical axis of the tonearm,
1P2 – center of the circle, which is drawn through three points -1B1,1B2,1B3,- axis of rotation of the back link component
2P2 – center of the circle, which is drawn through three points -2B1,2B2,2B3,- axis of rotation of the front link component
1B1,2B1 = 1B2,2B2 = 1B3,2B3 – tonearm lever.
Armtube suspension system is similar to the one used in Reed 3P tonearm.
Tonearm’s back link uses low-noise ceramic rolling bearings.
Lever uses low-noise ceramic rolling bearing and rests on the sapphire – molybdenum carbide thrust bearing.
Sapphire – molybdenum carbide thrust bearings are also used for tonearm’s front link, vertical and horizontal axes.
Tonearm has VTA and azimuth setup and can be configured with Reed or SME (universal headshell connector) headshells.
To make sure tonearm setup is precisely horizontal, tonearm has integrated level and horizontal plane adjuster.
Comparing to regular pivot tonearms, Reed 5A does not require antiskating and has much less absolute tracking error (max. tracking error is +/- 4 Minute of Angle (MOA) (Fig.2). Pivot tonearms – approx. 1.2 – 2.5 deg. (Fig.3).
Comparing to other tangential tonearms, Reed 5A does not require any additional devices to work (e.g. compressors, electronic controllers), is compact and can be easily mounted on a wide range of turntables.

5A tonearm Reed tangential Fig. 2

Reed 5A tangential tonearm Fig. 3


Mounting distance 251 mm (platter diam.max.= 330 mm)
Tracking error +/- 4 Minute of Angle (MOA)
Effective mass 10g -16 g depends on the armwand material
Height adjustment compatible with 26÷46 mm height platters
VTA adjustment precision +/- 0.2 mm
Azimuth adjustment +/- 8 deg
Downforce range 10÷30 mN (cartridge mass 5.5 g – 19.5 g,(4.0 g – 25,0 g))
Offset angle, overhang 0 deg, 0 mm
Integrated level, accuracy +/- 2 mm/m


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