Taralabs The Omega Concerto

Taralabs The Omega Concerto


The Omega Concerto Speaker Cables: For this past year, TARA Labs Design Team (TLDT) has been hard at work designing a new high-end audio speaker cable. The result is; The Omega Concerto. This amazing high-end audio speaker cable is one of TARA Labs high-end reference “Evolution series” speaker cables, just beneath the Omega Evolution and the Grand Master Evolution speaker cable models.

The Omega Concerto construction begins using our SA-OF8N pure copper conductors. Super-annealed, mono-crystal, oxygen-free, frequency tuned, 99.999999% pure copper conductors, for a total of 432 conductors per pair which is comprised of four separate cable runs. Two positive, two negative. Each separate cable run has 108 conductors. And each of the 432 conductors is inserted into specially treated aero-space PE, which is a very neutral material with almost no audible effect. The conductors are then helixed around a large Teflon inner air tube. The construction of this high-end audio speaker cable has been designed using specific measurements regarding the conductor / dielectric ratio, as well as the angle of the “Lay Pattern” which greatly affects the cables capacitance and performance. The resulting sound is extremely holographic, with pin-point imaging and soundstage. The harmonic structure extends from top to bottom, especially in the extension of the upper-octave high frequencies. The Omega Concerto exhibits excellent qualities of reverberation and ambient retrieval that will not strain nor tire the listener. Truly a superb audio cable!

The true defining characteristic of the Omega Concerto speaker cable is its ability to offer the listener an extremely “live” sound, as if the musicians were present in the room. The audiophile listener will be amazed as the music jumps out of the recording, and into the room with a full-scale attack of spaciousness, resolution and musicality.

  • BSM (interchangeable Spades and/or Bananas)
  • SA-OF8N 99.999999% pure copper conductor
  • Each channel is comprised of 216 RSC Gen 2 conductors in Aero-PE GMI dielectric
  • Separate positive and negative conductor runs for each channel
  • RSC Rectangular solid core conductors and air-tube technology
  • High frequency extension, full midrange and deep and powerful bass
  • Excellent sound performance that is dynamic and live sounding
  • Clarity, resolution, neutral and coherent, as well as being crisp and airy

*The Omega Concerto SP (Special Performance) model is also available. The SP models of TARA Labs speaker cables is recommended for audio systems that require additional inductance.


Kablene leveres i standardlengde 2,4 meter (8″), andre lengder tas på bestilling ved kontakt med oss. Pris pr ekstra fot (30cm) er da kr 24500,-