Tarfala Audio Vertigo Speakercable

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Tarfala Audio Vertigo Speakercable


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Tarfala Audio is proud to present the Vertigo speaker cable.
This cable incorporates all the essence of our philosophy and believes.
After four years of development, a great cable finally have come to life.
This was achieved by carefully selecting and refining the different combinations of materials, and we finally got the result we were thriving after and more so.
No single part or technology will tell you anything really about the sound they will reproduce, if its good or if it`s bad, finding the right combinations is what its`s all about for us, and there is only one way to do it, by listening.
What makes this cable so special is the combination of air, resolution and a non anorectic feel that will give you a very natural, detailed and organic sounding cable.
This is very hard to achieve since they usually don`t go hand in hand.
Every pair is handcrafted and built around separate copper leaders with Oyaide SPSL and SRBN as standard configuration.
Special orders are welcome, there is only one rule, we don`t make anything that will compromise the sound quality. 


There are no outer markings on our cables.
Instead we use an ISO-chip internally to give each pair a specific 15 digit serialnumber seen on the picture.
This will probably make it a bit harder to duplicate, and it also looks a little sleeker and clener we think.
The number will be shown on the box and on a card inside, don`t  lose it, or you will have to get a chipreader to reveal it again.


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