Whest 60Se Pro – Single box all Class-A

Whest 60Se Pro – Single box all Class-A


The 60SE Pro phono stage is built to complement your turntable front-end and represents the finest whest audio design expertise.

The NEW 60Se Pro is a classic example of what can be achieved when you take a really BIG design and ‘squash it’ into a full size chassis.

The 60Se Pro incorporates a variation of a newly developed input stage that is able to retain more signal in its signal amplification stage than any other input stage configuration.  The input stages are made a separate hand-matched and measured modules to ensure solid image stability and precise imaging across the whole audible audio band and beyond.

This ultra low noise and high resolution input stage design was initially created for the upcoming Flagship MCR Series.  Redesigning this advanced input module as allowed the 60Se Pro to playback like no other phono stage in its price class.

Our hybrid extended RIAA filter has been the mainstay of our designs for the past 20 years.  The new 60 Series utilises this tried-and-tested configuration but now it is even tighter but still channel matched to within 0.1dB across a wider band – 14hz to 80khz.

The output stage is again all Class-A and all transistor.  Like the Se Pro input stage, the output stage is built as a module for maintaining low noise and to ensure that the delicate cartridge signal gets through unscathed.

Connecting the 60Se Pro like all is easy and flexible. 1 pair of audiophile quality RCA connectors for the input section with a substantial ground post for the turntable ground. For outputs, 2 stereo pairs are available via RCA, for connecting to a main system and a headphone amplifier.  A 3rd output on balanced 3 pin XLR can be used to connect your 60Se Pro to a stand-alone digital or analog recorder for accurate and low noise transfer work.

Trickle Down Technology and Design is our philosophy and this is true for the complete whest audio range of products.  We don’t do what others do – build a cheap product and try and make it better.  We design the best we can, no matter the cost, and try and squeeze all of that knowhow into a smaller package.


More images to follow – 1st Feb 2023
Rear Panel Image for illustration only