WhestTHREE Signature 2 box phono stage

WhestTHREE Signature 2 box phono stage



We have since pushed the boundaries of phono stage design and in the whestTHREE Signature you can hear this across the whole audio band.

Like its bigger siblings, the whestTHREE Signature is tonally neutral allowing you to hear everything at their correct levels.  This along with the units ability to resolve so much from vinyl sets it apart from the competition – if it has any.

Connecting the whestTHREE Signature like all of our products is easy and flexible. 1 pair of audiophile quality RCA connectors for the input section with a substantial ground post for the turntable ground.  For outputs, 1 stereo pair is available via RCA, for connecting to a main system.  A 2nd output on balanced 3 pin XLR can be used to connect your unit to a stand-alone digital or analog recorder or separate headphone amplifier for some alone time with your favourite albums.

With the whestTHREE Signature high resolution vinyl playback is just a skip-hop-jump away from being part of your system