Ancient Audio Lektor V

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Ancient Audio Lektor V


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Since first model of Lektor , Ancient Audio CD players links original top loaded design, high build quality and high sound quality.


A previous model, Lektor IV was the best company CD player, and one of the best in all audiophile world.


So, Lektor V is an improved model. We decided to apply a new D/A converter, Silver DAC II, used in Lektor Grand (our flagship ). Because some improvement of power supply also was needed, we developed completely new mainboard with new electronics.


Because the rest of mechanics reminds, Lektor V can be available as upgrade for Lektor IV . A version of CD players is indicated by volume display four seconds after main power present.


New player has these same design of granite cabinet. New wooden cabinet is more compact, similar to granite.


Open rotating disc design, analogue-quality sound makes at least a real substitute of classic vinyl turntable.


As all contemporary Lektors, “V” model has new Version of CD-Pro2. Heavy die-cast metal base, integrated control electronics, and very reliable build. But the most important is integrate a photodiode preamplifier with optical pick-up. Thank to this, receiving data from CD has higher immunity to any noise, and has less read errors.


A wide use of SMD components is used – player is more compact and reliable. Additionally, service is as simple as PC – all main units has sockets, and they are easy to replace or upgrade.


A new version of “Silver DAC II” Digital to Analog Converter was applied. New converter has sophisticated digital signal processing. So, output analogue filter is very simple, as in SACD players. First-order filter makes no phase or amplitude artifacts. Also has less components, so signal path is more simple. New Lektor is even more transparent and neutral, than previous model.


Also, new power was developed. It has ultra-fast capacitors, with much less impedance for AC audio band. It added more energy to sound.


As usually in Ancient Audio CD design, output stage has vacuum tube. A variable volume control can be ordered as option, also analogue inputs. A new Lektor can work as splendid vacuum tube preamplifier. Because analogue stage has high range of variable (100 dB), high maximum gain ( 14 dB max) and high maximum output (15 Vpp) , Lektor V can easy drive directly any power amplifier.


Every Lektor V has analogue volume control, and extra pair of analogue inputs. So, it is possible to use it’s as excellent tube preamplifier, for tuner or phono stage.


Lektor V can be ordered in wooden or granite case.


And what to say abou sound ? Nothing. No harsh, no digital, no invassion…


No comments about equipment. Simply enjoy of music.



Original, top loaded design

Analogue-like sound

CD-Pro2 metal, die-cast CD mechanism

Solid and stiff granite or wooden base

Vacuum tube output stage

Silver DAC II ( developed for Lektor Grand )

Silver audio wiring

Volume stepped attenuator ( analogue domain), 100 dB range

Auxiliary analogue inputs

14 dB max gain on analogue signals

15 Vpp maximum output level

4 Hz – 300 kHz analogue inputs bandwidth

famous 6H30 Sovtek vacuum tube

Huge power supply – 70 000 uF of storage capacitors

Remote controlled all functions

Granite version: 430 mm x 360 mm x 75 mm , 18 kg weight

Wooden version: 350 mm x 350 mm x 78 mm, 7 kg weight