Audio Analogue AA Drive

Audio Analogue AA Drive


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AAdrive is the new CD driver of PureAAline. AAdrive combines uncompromising circuit solutions with functional features that satisfy even the most demanding user. A CD transport, built with high-performance circuits and based on the Teac CD5020A modified with custom parts to further improve sound performance and reliability.

Technical description

Front loading CD transport based on Teac CD5020A Clamp support made of solid aluminium to improve rigidity Digital outputs SPDIF Coaxial 75ohm and AES/EBU balanced 110ohm LCD display Separate power supplies for digital and control sections Remote control RC10000 made in solid aluminium

Technical features
Digital Outputs
Coax 75Ohm/AES-EBU 110Ohm
Standby power consumption(230VAC)
100x220x390 mm
5.5 Kg



Alle Audio Analogue produkter håndlages i Toscana, Italia, pr bestilling. Dette medfører noen ukers leveringstid.

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