Evolution STA

Evolution STA


he Evolution STA offers a breakthrough in distortion reduction (Only Distortion Cancellation) and rivals the Evolution One in sound quality. It is a stereo amplifier with a dual-mono configuration. Rated RMS Power: 230W @ 8 Ohm.

The NuPrime Evolution STA offers a breakthrough in distortion reduction. We called that Only Distortion Cancellation (ODC) design, continued advancing the state-of-the-art Class-D for the past decade.

A typical feedback error correction design inverts the output signal for summation with the original input signal to derive the negative error signal, which adds to the next cycle of the input signal to form a more accurate output signal. Nuprime’s ODC Class-D design derives the error signal from MOSFET devices and the output filter circuit directly, significantly reducing the negative feedback signal, which resulted in a substantial reduction in distortion THD+N of 0.002% @1kHz(5W), and less than 0.005% THD+N at 1KHZ (2W-100W). This breakthrough improvement in Class-D design resulted in a natural and pure sound characteristic.

Notable Features

  • NuPrime breakthrough Only Distortion Cancellation (ODC) Class D design.
  • Preamp stage and Class D oscillation circuit utilizing high-end NJR MUSES8820 op-amp.
  • 650KHz high-speed switching frequency allows greater resolution to be achieved.
  • The 550W high-power ultra-thin toroidal transformer power supply has been enhanced to deliver cleaner and more stable power with lower noise floor. The entire power path fully adopts 40A ultra-high current and low resistance terminals. Improve current dynamic capability. Total of 52,000uF power supply filter capacitors.
  • The custom select iron core linear power supply has a dual routing for dual outputs, with dual wire per output, to function as two power supplies for dual-mono implementation.
  • High quality copper PCB trace instead of usual cables are used to connect the power supply to the amplifier’s circuitry, maximizing power delivery.
  • Hybrid Class-D technology that retains the merits of both Class-A and Class-D amplification.
  • A stereo amplifier with dual mono implementation.

The Evolution STA sound characteristics can be described as:

  • Wider and deeper soundstage with no loss of clarity at the greatest depth. With large scale orchestral recordings, you will be able to have a clear image of the last rows of percussion and wind, even the subtle pedal sounds! Such details are presented in a truthful manner without artificial enhancements.
  • Faster dynamics with greater range
  • Natural and pure due to ultra-low distortion
  • Cleaner background that provides greater detail and nuances
  • Class-A like warmth