Omnia A200

Omnia A200


The NuPrime Omnia A200 is an affordable, full-featured multi-zone streaming integrated amplifier designed for audiophiles who required CD quality digital sources from local music libraries as well as network streaming music.

A summary of the following features put A200 ahead of its peers:

  • Amplifier capable of 2x150W @ 8 ohms and 2x250W @ 4 ohms power
  • Wi-Fi 24-bit/192kHz and Bluetooth 5.0 aptX HD streaming (re-streaming to other Nuprime streaming devices for grouping limited to 16-bit/44.1kHz)
  • Support Optical/Bluetooth/Network and analog inputs
  • Supports all major online streaming services (Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Qobuz, QQ Music, Spotify*, TIDAL*, TuneIn, Napster, Ximalaya), AirPlay*, and network DLNA

Spotify Connect supported. TIDAL Connect and AirPlay2 not supported. 
** Mobile devices can stream Bluetooth music to Omnia A200, but it can not stream to Bluetooth earphones.

The free iOS and Android app allow you to easily control your smart music system and select your source music and group destination speakers (including receiving streamers).



  • Power: 150W @ 8 ohms; 250W @ 4 ohms (both channels driven)
  • THD:
    • <0.09% (AUX IN, 1W, @ 8 & 4 ohms)
    • <0.06% (OPT IN, 1W, @ 8 & 4 ohms)
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >90 dB (Digital input, 10W out @ 8 ohms)
  • Clipping power: >290W (1kHz @ 4 ohms, both channels driven)
  • Frequency Response: +0.6 dB/-idB (12Hz – 22kHz)
  • Channel Separation: >85 dB (1kHz AUX): >105 dB (10kHz Digital)
  • Input Sensitivity:
    • 0.95V (AUX & OPT) for 100W @ 8 ohms
    • 0.85V (AUX & OPT) for 100W @ 4 ohms

DAC & Wireless

  • Bit Depths: 16/24 bit
  • Optical S/PDIF Input: PCM up to 192kHz
  • Coaxial digital output
  • Analog Line Out
  • Streaming Technologies: Bluetooth 5.0 (aptX HD), DLNA, AirPlay
  • Network Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet RJ45, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • Streaming Services: Deezer, iHeartRadio, Qobuz, QQ Music, Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn

* Deezer HiFi is not supported.

Listening Optimization

The linear and neutral sonic bias of the A200 makes it suitable for a wide range of speakers and sources. The EQ presets and loudness (bass enhancement) selections tuned via a high-speed DSP allows further sound tailoring to the system and music.

Technical Highlights

NuPrime Omnia A200 accomplishes its seemingly incompatible objectives of being the most powerful, compact, and yet low noise streaming amplifier through the following innovative design features:

  1. NuPrime Dynamic Low Noise Switching Power Supply (DLN PS) Design:
    • The power supply has a built-in dual-core dual-system that reacts to the output power demand of the power amplifier. Three levels of control utilizing a small transformer during low power, followed by a large transformer when power demand increases, and finally two power supplies working together to maximize power delivery.
    • The switching frequencies of the power supply are automatically adjusted between 60kHz and 180kHz, according to the output power demand of the power amplifier.
  2. The A200 Class-D amplifier achieved low noise through a secondary feedback signal that resulted in clear and detailed sound characteristics.
  3. The A200 speaker output incorporates a two-stage output filter to reduce high-frequency frizz for more transparent sound with less listening fatigue.

In addition, the A200 utilizes ultra-high thermal conductivity silicon oil and high purity copper blocks for fast heat conduction.The Omnia A200 uses a compact and powerful Class D amplifier. The maximum output power can reach 250W stereo output (@4ohm speaker) and uses integrated feedback design and error correction, achieving extremely low noise and distortion. Unique Dynamic Low Noise Switching Power Supply (DLN PS) provides excellent system-level audio performance.


Audiophile-grade components and noise filter




Qualcomm aptX HD


Dimension and Weight

  • Product Weight: 3kg
  • Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 280 x 55 x 250 mm (includes feet and extended rear panel terminals)
  • Package Dimensions (W x H x D): 440 x 100 x 340 mm
  • Shipping Weight: 4.5kg