Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Plus

Silent Angel Rhein Z1 Plus


Nettverks-spiller og server. Roon, Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify mm

The Rhein Z1 Plus takes the success of the Rhein Z1 to new heights. As a high-performance music server, the Z1 Plus offers a powerful upgrade over the popular Rhein Z1. With support for high-resolution audio formats, including DSD512 and PCM up to 768KHz, it delivers exceptional digital audio playback. The two Gigabit Ethernet ports ensure the player with the least disturbed network environment, making the Z1 Plus the perfect choice for audiophiles. The Z1 Plus enhances your audio output with its built-in noise reduction, providing a crystal-clear listening experience. Its ability to simultaneously output audio from multiple players makes it a versatile solution for high-resolution music streaming. Experience superior digital audio with the Rhein Z1 Plus.

Certified by MQA: Rhein Z1 Plus is now officially MQA-ready

Experience the Best in Sound With the Z1 Plus

The Rhein Z1 Plus is the ultimate solution for music enthusiasts. It offers seamless connectivity to your digital music library and allows you to enjoy it at any time.

  • Enjoy a seamless experience with the ability to install and run various applications.
  • Take control of your music server with ease using the mobile app, VitOS Manager.
  • Highly accurate TCXO Clock minimizes network latency and jitter for seamless audio playback.
  • EMI noise-filtering technology effectively eliminates electrical noise.
  • High-performance NVMe SSD ensures efficient system and music data usage.
  • Powerful 4-core CPU enables seamless Roon Core DSP transcoding from PCM to DSD256
  • Support up to DSD512 and PCM 768KHz for USB Audio output.
  • Advanced high-frequency filters improve the USB Audio output signal by reducing noise levels.
  • External 25MHz Word Clock input allows for seamless clock upgrades with the Genesis GX word clock.

Mechanical Excellence and Masterful Craftsmanship

The Z1 Plus boasts a robust aluminum alloy housing that effectively protects against vibration, dust, and noise, ensuring superior sound quality in any environment. Its efficient fanless design keeps the CPU and system cool while no fan noise and minimizing electrical noise. Improved EMI absorption with a higher permeability (>120 @1MHz) further reduces internal digital circuit noise from components such as DRAM, CPU, SSD, network interface, and USB signals.

It features a cutting-edge cooling system that incorporates graphene material and a copper heatsink to dissipate heat from the CPU and SSD to the case. This innovative approach maintains a lower temperature, reducing internal noise and creating a spacious environment for optimal audio playback performance.

Rhein Z1 Plus’ EMI noise-filtering technology helps to reduce the noise:

Graphene Technology
for Effective System Heat Dissipation

Copper Heatsink
for Superior Cooling Performance

Premier Hardware Mainboard System

Z1 Plus is designed to elevate audio performance without any compromises. Building upon the hardware development skills and expertise from the first Z1 series, the Z1 Plus delivers the best digital audio quality through fine-tuning and optimization.

  • TCXO Clock (25MHz):
    With two TCXOs for two Ethernet ports, there is no clock signal interference between each other.
  • NVMe SSD:
    All-flash NVMe SSD storage solution with high performance, high capacity, and low latency. The Z1 Plus has specially-picked SSD modules with an EMI absorber and a special power regulation circuit inside to isolate the power noise from the SSD controller chip, making it an ideal storage solution for audio playback.
  • DDR4 RAM:
    Special-picked low-power DDR4 modules, up to 32GB by the model of choice.
  • Input Power Conditioning Module:
    High-frequency noise filter circuit for power input, ensuring that the signal of accuracy, low noise, and phase synchronization is transmitted to the Z1 Plus.
  1. Noise Reduction Circuit for USB Audio Output:
    With this high-frequency noise filter circuit for USB Audio Output, the Z1 Plus is able to reduce noise and distortion during USB Audio playback.
  2. Internal/External Clock Selector Switch:
    It enables you to seamlessly switch between internal and external clock sources.
  3. Receiving the External Clock Input Port:
    Accepts external clock input from an external device, ensuring a highly accurate word clock single that can be further upgraded. It features a gold-plated port and accepts frequencies of 25MHz.
  4. USB Ports:
    USB ports give you the option to connect to external storage devices when needed.
  5. Ethernet Ports:
    The Z1 Plus features two Gigabit Ethernet ports, one for network connectivity and one for an audio player.

Rhein Z1 vs Z1 Plus Comparison

Rhein Z1 Rhein Z1 Plus
Launch Date 2019 February 2023
CPU Intel Quad-core CPU J3160 Intel Quad-core CPU J6413
RAM 8GB / 16GB 16GB / 32GB
Storage 0TB / 1TB / 2TB
250GB / 4TB
Word Clock Regular Clock Highly Accurate TCXO Clock
External Clock Input Port N/A 25MHz x 1
Ethernet 1GbE x 1 1GbE x 2
Expansion USB Port USB 3.0 x 2
USB 2.0 x 1
USB 3.1 x 2
USB 2.0 x 1
USB Audio Output First Generation USB Audio Output with Noise Reduction Second Generation USB Audio Output with Improved Noise Reduction Enhancement
Type-C N/A x 1
Multiple Audio Players Output Simultaneously x 2 x 10
PCM Up to 768KHz 32-Bit Up to 768KHz 32-Bit
DSD Playback: up to DSD256
Roon DSP Transcoding: Not supported
Playback: up to DSD512
Roon DSP Transcoding: up to DSD256
Dimension 7.87(W) Inch X 2.56(H) Inch X 7.87(D) Inch
200(W) mm x 65(H) mm x 200(D) mm
7.87(W) Inch X 2.56(H) Inch X 7.87(D) Inch
200(W) mm x 65(H) mm x 200(D) mm
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Optimized OS, VitOS

A well-structured, simple and elegant software design. Capable of running multiple music applications concurrently, with optimized audio output priority, low latency, high stability, and accelerated high-speed network transmission. VitOS makes the Z1 Plus a future-proof product – continuous software upgrade is available. The VitOS system update process will be protected by dual-firmware design, giving a redundant copy to prevent system failure due to unexpected power outage.

VitOS Block Diagram 

Mobile App, VitOS Manager


  • Discover and configure the network settings of Z1 Plus.
  • Install and manage add-on packages on VitOS, including Roon Server (Roon Core and Roon Bridge), Spotify Connect, DLNA renderer & server, Airplay, and Orbiter Plug-in,… etc. on Z1 Plus.
  • Import the music files from a USB hard drive to Z1 Plus’s internal disk by the Music Importer feature.
  • Back up the stored music files to an external USB hard drive by the Music Backup feature.
  • Firmware update.



Use Z1 Plus as Your Music Server

The Z1 Plus serves as an outstanding music server, providing seamless audio playback for multiple players simultaneously. With its advanced technology and superior hardware, you are guaranteed a comprehensive and enjoyable digital music experience. Whether you want to play high-quality DSD music or listen to your favorite tunes, the Z1 Plus has got you covered. So, sit back, relax and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of sound.

  • Roon Core
  • Shared storage of music files (over SMB/CIFS)
  • DLNA server

Use Z1 Plus as a Transporter, a Roon Bridge, and a HQPlayer NAA Player

Connect the Z1 Plus to your DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) using a USB connection for seamless digital signal output, including PCM, Native DSD or DSD over PCM (up to DSD512) and Roon DSP transcoded DSD (up to DSD256).

It supports several infrastructures:

  • Transporter
  • Roon Bridge
  • DLNA renderer (player)
  • Running Orbiter Plugin on Z1 Plus as a player
  • Running HQPlayer NAA on Z1 Plus as a player

More usage scenarios

Product Specification

Available Color Black / Silver
CPU Intel Quad-core CPU J6413
RAM 16GB / 32GB
Storage NVMe SSD, 250GB / 4TB
Ethernet 1GbE x 2 (one for network connectivity and one for an audio player)
USB Audio Port USB Audio Port x 1
Expansion USB Port USB 3.1 x 2
USB 2.0 x 1
Type-C Port USB Type-C x 1
External Clock Input Port 25MHz x 1
Chassis Material 6061 Aluminum alloy chassis
Input Power External power 12V / 3A (5.5mm x 2.5mm connector)
Temperature Operating: 32 ~ 86 °F (0 ~ 35 °C)
Storage: -4 ~ 158 °F (-20 ~ 70 °C)
Humidity Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Dimension 7.87(W) inch x 2.56(H) inch x 7.87(D) inch
200(W) mm x 65(H) mm x 200(D) mm
Weight 7.94lbs / 3.6kg
Certificate CE, CCC, FCC
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