Icon Audio Stereo 60 MkIV

Icon Audio Stereo 60 MkIV

An  Updated MK IV version of our powerful  KT150 Integrated Hi Fi Amplifier
The Worlds First KT150 Integrated UL/Triode Hi Fi Amplifier

Designed for KT150
Uses Superb 6SN7
85+85 Watts UL
50+50 Watts Triode
Choke Power Supply
Remote Control
Record Loop
Valve and capacitor upgrade available, please enquire with us.


A powerful Push-Pull integrated or power amplifier with of exceptional performance driving demanding speakers.

Also 0ffering 50W of Pure Triode Power at an affordable price!


This is our most powerful integrated amplifier. It is ideal for someone wanting a very dynamic fast sound. It has a big power supply, big output transformers, and a big sound. Designed to get the best from the excellent new Tung-sol KT150/120. And it comes with many features!


Based on our MB90 monoblock power amplifiers the Stereo 60 offers the convenience of one unit not requiring a separate pre-amplifier.

The original design got the best out of the KT88, now re-designed for the KT150 which we believe has even better sonics.

The MK IV design comes with our new “LDT” low distortion transformers, and a redesigned front end.


The ST60 MK IV is similar to the MK III version but with a re-designed front end using four 6SN7s which means that only two types of valves are used. This enhances the performance with lower distortion and better macro dynamics.


Integrated & Power Amplifier in One!

A special feature is the ability to change the sensitivity of Stereo 60 MKIV at the flick of a switch. Choose between use as either an integrated remote control amplifier, or as a power amplifier fed from a separate pre-amplifier.


Triode and Ultralinear Amplifier in One

The triode sound is preferred by many hi fi fans, but the power is always lower. With our UL/Triode switch you can change from 85 watts to 50 watts of pure triode sound by changing the switch.