Icon Audio Headphone Amplifier – HP8 MkII

Icon Audio Headphone Amplifier – HP8 MkII

No Compromise High End Pure Valve Headphone Amplifier

Our HP8 MkII has just been awarded «Product of the Year» by Audiophilia on-line review magazine! See the full review on their website at the following link (copy and paste to your web browser) :-


Now with Bluetooth option!

Pure Valve Circuit
All Triode for Sonic Purity
Will Match Headphones from 6 to 600 Ohms
Volume Control
Uses 12AX7 and 6SN7(CV181)
Single Ended Design
Valve and capacitor upgrade available, please enquire with us.


True High End headphone amplifier. Built as a small SET hi fi amplifier using Icon handmade multi tap output transformers.

High definition with superb listening qualities to match the finest headphones.

One of our bestsellers

The usual way to provide a headphone output on an integrated amplifier is to drop the power through a couple of resistors, giving “low fi” disappointing results. Solid State headphone amps often use a couple of $2 microchips which can sound harsh and have limited power.

We use two Class A valves with high quality output transformers that provide ideal matching to almost any headphone type 30-600.

The power supply has generous mains transformer two custom output transformers. The HP8 MK II is a heavy 7kg, and very solidly made, giving you an idea of how much iron you get for your money!

Like our other models the HP8 MKII has no printed circuit board and is all hand wired with top quality components. We use silver PTFE audio cable, gold plated terminals and the famous “ALPS” volume pot for sonic purity.

The front valve is the excellent ECC83. this has exceptional detail and fluidity. It complements the super 6SN7 (the best hi fi valve ever?). This combination will give you a simply stunning insight into inner detail of your favourite recordings whether analogue or digital.

Like our other amplifiers, close attention has been paid to the finish of the HP8 MKII. It uses the same heavy build quality as our other amplifiers a combination of alloy plate and painted steel.

The HP8 MKII is very versatile. It may connected to your hi fi in several ways:

1, In a normal hi fi system you would connect to the “record out” of your amplifier. This will then be directly connected to the “source” that you have selected.

2, Now with built in loop enabling easy connection.

3, With “Pre and power” systems a connection may be made between the two units.

4, As a stand alone unit you can directly connect to any CD/iphone/phono pre-amp etc.