1MΩ input impedance, high power, and full-balanced design delivering the most transparent and detailed signal with a wide frequency bandwidth and rich harmonics The AMG HPA is the world’s first headphone amplifier that utilizes the 1MΩ input impedance de

Technical Highlights

The input stage utilizes Ultra-High Bandwidth (communications applications), Low-Noise JFET for the 1MΩ input impedance circuitry. Amplification circuitry uses a Single-Ended, Non-Negative Feedback Class A module for a wide frequency bandwidth and rich second order harmonics.





Fully balanced amplification that consists of independent circuitries for input, volume, amplification and power output stages. The volume control uses two MUSES72320 to achieve a fully balanced 100 levels (0-99) of volume adjustments. This is the best volume control we’ve put into a product and likely the best for any headphone amplifier.





A specially customized R-Core transformer and 26000uF of filtering capacitors used in the power supply ensures that the circuitries are provided with fast and stable power.





Besides having the headphone outputs, the AMG HPA also has 2 sets (XLR and RCA) of analogue outputs where it could be used as a reference level pre-amp with 1MΩ inputs.