Silent Angel Munich Transport

Silent Angel Munich Transport


High-end digital transport (NB! Kun digital ut) – Roon Ready, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify Airplay, DLNA, MQA, High-Res Audio

A compact, feature-rich, high-quality network music transporter designed for music lovers who want to obtain more audio sources, but also want to enjoy the purest audio quality possible. The M1T’s hardware and software are optimized for better sound quality by improving many details without compromise. It is an ideal addition to your existing DAC and HiFi system, so that you can discover the potential of digital music and high-resolution streaming services.

Easy to use, pleasant user experience

  • Easy to set up & connect to an external DAC or speaker(s) through digital audio outputs
  • Stay connected to digital music. Play and enjoy anytime without a PC involved.
  • Master your music at your fingertips via mobile app, VitOS Orbiter.
  • New Update: Munich M1T is now officially MQA-supported and certified.

Optimized OS, VitOS

An elegant, simple, and well-structured design. Capable of running multiple music applications concurrently while optimizing audio output priority, low latency, high stability, and high-speed network transmission (such as Spotify Connect, the sound quality is greatly optimized).

Supported applications include Qobuz, Spotify Connect, Airplay, DLNA, Roon Ready player and more. It can also play files from a shared network storage or a local USB disk.

Continuous software upgrade is available. The VitOS system update process is protected by dual-firmware design, preventing system failure from unexpected power outages.

VitOS Block Diagram 

Mobile App, VitOS Orbiter

Easily locate and set up a new device, browse and stream music. Listen to all your favorite songs with details displayed such as bitrate, sample rate, bit depth and format (e.g. DSD, WAV or FLAC).



Superior Hardware System

The M1T is born to pursue superior audio performance without any compromise.


  • Elegant metal enclosure with a solid aluminum alloy front panel
  • High-performance yet low-power CPU, 4-core 1.5GHz ARM Cortex-A72
  • Substantial system memory (up to 8GB) for large streaming buffers and caches to run multiple applications simultaneously
  • Digital output: AES/EBU, I2S, Coaxial. Sampling rate up to PCM 384KHz & DSD 5.6MHz (DSD128)
  • USB-Audio output: Up to PCM 768KHz & DSD 11.2MHz (DSD256)
  • Advanced circuitry with high quality components
  • Fan-less heat dissipation with a highly efficient heat-sink (~20˚C lower after applied)
  • A highly permeable EMI absorber (>120 @1MHz) to reduce electrical interference
  • Gold plated ports (Coaxial & AES/EBU)