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Ifi Nova


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High-end construction & performance.

The Nova power cable delivers a serious upgrade over standard mains. It imbues sound with greater clarity, space and definition.

The cable.

The Nova incorporates five conductors, each made from heavy-gauge, continuous-cast OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Thermal Conductivity) copper, arranged in a geometrically balanced configuration – highly unusual at such a price point.

Two pairs of live and neutral conductors are arranged either side of the earth conductor, which is positioned at the centre of the cable. A further pair of air-dielectric delineators – essentially polymer matrix tubes filled with air – are arranged either side of the earth conductor, keeping the two pairs of live and neutral conductors apart whilst improving the cable’s overall dielectric performance and constructive solidity.

The cable is finished with a tough yet flexible polymer outer sheath and iFi’s bespoke audiophile-grade connectors, complete with 24ct gold plated oxygen-free copper conductors.

The result? Pure, silent power.

The result of this sophisticated mix of materials and construction is that the Nova power cable offers constant impedance and superior rejection of EMI/RFI, maintaining the purity of mains electricity feeding each component in an audio or AV system.

While the effect of this cable on sound quality is significant when used on its own, it combines brilliantly with our PowerStation mains-conditioning bar – the PowerStation filters out common mode and differential mode noise from the mains supply, while the Nova maintains optimum purity right through to the connected component.


Operating voltage 90V – 265V
Length 1.8 m (70.8″)
Weight US: 580 g (1.28 Ibs)
EU: 595 g (1.30 Ibs)
UK: 600 g (1.32 Ibs)
AU: 578 g (1.27 Ibs)