Taralabs The Muse AC

Taralabs The Muse AC


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The Muse AC power cable has two 17 gauge insulated wire conductor runs that interstice the 34 (RSC) Rectangular Solid Core copper conductors with number3 RSC helixed in and around Teflon® air-tubes™. Each neutral run is dual shielded with anti-Corrosion coated SA-OF8N® silver covered copper braid. Ceralex capsules to eliminate EMI/RF interference is included.

  • Wattgate standard IEC plug
  • Available in 15 or 20 amp
  • Available Oyaide Plug upgrade (kr 5995,-)
  • Open and revealing
  • Neutral with wide sound stage and spatial cues
  • High-frequency extension and well defined imaging


“The Muse Power Cord is very much like the Omega Evolution AC, only scaled back several degrees. Like the Omega, it invests the music with a firm foundation, underpinning it so it becomes REAL SOLID. With The Muse AC, tonal balance didn’t change, but tonal saturation sure did. Instruments move around FAST, and you get a similar tight, punchy low-end. Precision is ramped up; again, your seat moves closer to the performance, just not as close as the Omega Evolution AC puts you. Latching The Muse onto the CH D1 CD Transport, the system balance was intact. The seasoning blend was just right.

When you use either the Omega Evolution or The Muse power cables from TARA Labs, it’s almost like walking into an acoustically treated room, or moving your seat closer to the performance. These cables ratchet up control and information delivery. They demand to be seen as neutral, yet they are capable of truly beautiful tone and timbre. So, yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too.”

–Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback Online



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