Taralabs The Gold AC

Taralabs The Gold AC


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10 gauge conductor runs; 2 layers of shielding; 60 RSC® Gen 2 conductors helixed in and around Teflon air-tubes™. Each neutral run is dual shielded with anti-Corrosion coated SA-OF8N® copper braid.  

  • Wattgate standard IEC plug
  • Available in 15 or 20 amp
  • Available with US or Euro plugs
  • Available Oyaide Plug upgrade
  • Clear, precise & natural sound
  • Well-shaped imagery
  • Rich mid-range & tight bass
  • Wide excellent sound-stage & spatial cues
  • High-frequency extension
  • Neutral sound with clear presentation


“Voices within a group of similar instruments are becoming distinct. You get to hear their interplay and you can tell who is making a contribution at any given moment—the violin, the viola or the cello … To sum up, the Extreme Series of power cords from TARA Labs is a knockout. There’s nothing to criticize in these power cords.»
–Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback Online

“Purchased the Gold AC a few years ago and it’s still going strong in my system. Looking forward to adding more as soon as I’m able to spend the money…”
–TARA Labs Customer «Oberton S.»

“The first time The Gold AC is inserted into the CD8 to listen to the fifth Faye Wong … Advantages: air sense / space sense / full frequency … sound is extremely rich, strong sense of energy, high analytical power … The texture is indeed the strength of TARA LABS high-type wire. Everyone knows that it is difficult to make a pair of lines to be strong and difficult. It is difficult to find that the full-frequency texture is not weakened. The middle part of the song is both low-frequency and rich.”
–TARA Labs Customer, Racewong Report



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