Taralabs The Omega Evolution AC Oyaide

Taralabs The Omega Evolution AC Oyaide


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More than twice the conductor mass is used in the Omega Evolution than the Cobalt Reference. The live run uses 18 rectangular conductors, the neutral run uses 18 rectangular conductors, and the ground run uses 18 conductors where as there is no ground run in the Cobalt Reference.

Additionally, three low frequency conductors are used are used for each live, neutral and ground (earth) run. The Omega is fully shielded with each live neutral ground runs being separately shielded and then the shields runs are connected electrically. This is a much more powerful dynamic rich clean detailed combination of sound qualities not heard in any other AC power cable.

  • Oyaide Plugs
  • Available in 15 or 20 amp
  • Clear, precise & natural sound
  • Well-shaped imagery that is well defined
  • Rich full mid-range & tight bass
  • Extra-wide & superb sound-stage
  • Expansive spatial cues & imagery
  • High-frequency extension with nuanced details
  • Crisp clean sound signal
  • Excellent musicality & realism
  • Neutral sound with superb presentation


“If you play large scale symphonic works, you want power and heft. The Omega Evolution AC will assist you here. The introduction of an Omega brings immediate gains in weight and slam; it’s like filling up the tank with premium fuel. Body increases dramatically, tone becomes dense and saturated, and macros have more sock …

There’s a fresh aspect to the bass. Recorded bass is usually a big, flabby thing. With the Omega Evolution AC vise-like grip, the center and edges of low notes firm up and it becomes just like the other frequency bands. The transparency you normally find only in the mids and treble now extends throughout. Fresh texture and detail in the bottom are incredibly present …

The Omega Evolution AC is adamantly neutral. Whatever’s on the recording will be in the playback. It won’t manufacture «sound filler» … You may have noticed that in every TARA wire review I complement the outstanding timbre. It’s something that I became sensitive to a long time ago and have noticed ever since …

Timbre and ambiance have always been strong suits for TARA Labs and the power cords are no exception. (Why a power cord effects timbre is baffling. Nevertheless, it is as audibly significant as changing interconnects.) The Omega Evolution AC is capable of timbral shadings beyond the majority of cables on the market. Each instrument is captured faithfully. So, in a real sense, it is more beautiful and truthful than other wires.”

–Marshall Nack, Positive Feedback Online



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