Miyajima Lab Step up transformator

Varenummer: Miyajima Lab Step up transformator

Miyajima Lab Step up transformator


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ETR-800 is installed in a beautiful TEAK case.
The calking material is «paraffin».
1) I have regarded clear sound quality and the strength of the low level as
important not to spoil a good point of Shilabe.
2) Highest grade core material, permalloy 80 for the core of the transformer is used.
3) There is a switch changing Low,High,Pass.
4) There is a switch for demagnetizing.

I think that this stepup transformer ETR-800 works acts on not only Shilabe STEREO
and Premium MONO but also the cartridge of other companies effectively.

When time passes, a stepup transformer and the cartridge do magnetization.
The demagnetizer short-circuits in OUT of the transformer.
It does demagnetization of a transformer and a cartridge by a voice signal
of the interchange.

Product name Stepup Transformer «ETR-800»
Input Low(2 to 20ohms)  High(20 to 40ohms)  Pass(50k ohms)
Output Impedance 50k ohms
Voltage up ratio Low(33dB) About 50 times  High(27dB) About 25 times
Frequency range 10 Hz to 20 kHz
Demagnetization Demagnetization for both a  cartridge and a transformer
Dimension W150 H85 D180
Weight 1.3kg