Nasotec spike & spike base

Nasotec spike & spike base


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VEM (Vibration Extinction Mechanism)
Incoming vibrations are designed to be extinct immediately without delay time. The isolation materials having delay time always suffer from the modified and reproduced secondary vibrations by new vibrations inflow continuously.

-Set: 41 x 43.5 (W x H)mm
-Spike: 41 x 37 (W x H)mm
-Shoe: 40 x 18 (W x H)mm
-Spike fixing screw: M5

-Recommending max. load: 30kg/pc
-Max. withstanding load: no data ( expected allowable load is far more than 100kg / each )
-Materials: Aluminium / ZrO2 G10 ceramic balls

-Recommending max. load: 30kg/pc
-High precision CNC milled
-Easy to set up. Just put your equipment on the top of the spikes as the spike stands by itself on the shoe.