Nasotec VEM Record Clamp

Nasotec VEM Record Clamp


Product Description

  • Embedded VEM (Vibration Extinction Mechanism)
  • Designed to absorb and remove the unwanted vibrations, that are associated with the vinyl record reproduction.
  • Weight: 430g
  • Dimension: Base plate d=80mm, Height 62mm
  • Accessory: Silicone O-ring support for protecting equipment surface.

Vibration removal test

Top: without record clamp, bottom: with VEM record clamp.
The airborne sound comes from the speakers during playback time-shifted on the turntable. It stimulates the vinyl and makes it vibrate.
At the same time, the stylus and motor also make vinyl vibrate. Among these unwanted vibrations, the low frequency range has the most energy and re-enters the pickup and affects the playback quality.

The Nasotec VEM Record Clamp effectively dampens these harmful vibrations and makes the playback more balanced and more detail comes out. In the two graphics you can see the positive effect very clearly. Without the VEM Record Clamp, the low frequency is overemphasized (several peaks) and the overall balance is absent.