Plixir The Statement DC Power Cable

Plixir The Statement DC Power Cable


Our PLiXiR Statement DC cable is a high-end cable for DC power application, for connection between your DC power supply and the component’s powers.

The design features a thick gauge (multi solid core stranded), extremely high purity silver-plated copper conductor, double insulated by a mylar foil (for high frequency external noise rejection) and thick silver-plated copper braid (for low frequency external noise rejection).  The dielectric insulation is military grade (mil spec) Teflon for both the conductor and cable braid for low loss and high speed current delivery.

The result is a high current DC cable (rated 10 amps DC) that is extremely low noise floor in design and has more transparency, accurate PRaT, details, body and focus to the sound than any other DC cable we have tried in the market.


2,1mm and 2,5mm


1m, 1,5m and 2m