Shelter Model 41 Type II

Shelter Model 41 Type II


MC step-up fra japanske Shelter

The Model 411 II is mono-functional stereo MC transformer to match with MC cartridges with internal impedance (DCR) of less than 15 ohm. The impedance tolerance is 25 ohms. The transformer is a toroidal design that applies the toroidal winding to 0.05mm thickness of supermalloy, layered ring-core. The core volume has an external diameter of 25mm, internal diameter of 16mm and height of 10mm. The termination of the wire is directly connected to in/out terminal. Therefore, the high efficiency of toroidal transformer realizes extremely low loss structure. It delivers the signal from the cartridge without coloration to the phono- terminal directly. Model 411II is a modified version of Model 411 and it has 32dB of step-up ratio of approximately 40 times.


Model 411 Type II Specifications

  • Input impedance: less than 15 ohm (tolerance 25 ohm)
  • Step-up ratio: 32dB
  • Output impedance: 47K to 50K ohms
  • Dimensions: 142W x 66H x 106D (mm)
  • Weight: about 1Kg