Silent Angel Forester F2 Ekstern PSU

Silent Angel Forester F2 Ekstern PSU


Eksepsjonell oppgradering til alle 12v og 5v komponenter! 2x12v 2x5v

There are various details in a HiFi streaming system that might affect the audio quality. One essential factor pertaining to the goal of pursuing ultimate sound quality is an extremely stable power source. The Forester F2 is designed for music lovers who want to discover their system’s true potential and pursue the finest audio quality possible.

Power Stabilization Technology

The Forester F2 model adopts Silent Angel’s power stabilization technology. Housed in an elegant metal enclosure with solid and thick aluminum alloy (8 mm) front and rear panels, it’s designed to reduce any possible machine vibrations and noises. The top and bottom are made of high-quality SECC galvanized steel, which is highly anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. The AC power flows through the toroidal transformer with high-quality power management, MOSFET components with fast response time. Thus, supplying an extremely stable DC power with ultra-low voltage fluctuation to the connected devices.

Multiple Outputs

F2 employs multiple DC outputs including 12V/3A, 12V/1A, 5V/2A, and 5V/1A with an option of connecting to USB ports. An ideal solution to upgrade the power source for your HiFi streaming network for the following models:

12V (Max power output budget is 36W):

  • 12V/3A can power Z1
  • 12V/1A can power E1 / N8 Pro

5V (Max power output budget is 10W):

  • 5V/2A can power M1 / M1T
  • 5V/1A can power N8, etc.

By having an enhanced stable power supply, your device’s clock module will be able to perform extremely accurate operations, allow network data packets to be transmitted at precise timing, and reduce possible jitter and latency. This all contributes to improved sound quality. Besides, it also enables streamer devices to run in a stabler status and perform better.

Other Upgrades

  • Vibration Suppression
    Minimize vibration and reduce noise by using S28 stainless steel stands.
  • DC Upgrade Cables (with 12V and 5V cables)
    Bastei series

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Recommended Application & Setup

1. The Compact Setup:

Connect and power the streamer, switch, and storage expansion (with standalone power).

  • Streamer, Munich M1 (or M1T) : 5V-2A port
  • Network Switch, Bonn N8: 5V-1A port
  • Storage Expansion, Expander E1: 12V-1A port
  • Use different DC cables (Use Bastei series, the 5V and 12V ones respectively, learn more)

2. An Extra-Upgrade for the HiFi Ethernet Network:

F2 is a great premium option to further upgrade the power of Bonn N8 Pro, an advanced audiophile network switch.

  • Simply connect the N8 Pro switch’s DC-power port (Labeled as “External 12VDC Input”) to the F2’s 12V-1A port for the stable power supply.
  • Use different DC cables (Use Bastei series, the 5V and 12V ones respectively, learn more)

3. Powering the HiFi NAS:

Roon Core Server / HiFi NAS, Plus An Upgraded External Power Supply.

F2 is capable of stably powering both Rhein Z1 and Expander E1 concurrently.

  • Music Server (Capable of running Roon Core and Bridge), Rhein Z1: 12V-3A port.
  • Storage expansion (with option of 8TB and 10TB storage), Expander E1: 12V-1A port.
  • Use different DC cables (Use Bastei series, the 5V and 12V ones respectively, learn more)

Product Specification

Available Color Black
Power Input IEC (AC) 115-230V or 120-240V, 1.5A at max
Power Consumption 100W at max
Power Output – (DC) 12V/3A plug x 1, 5.5 x 2.5 mm
– (DC) 12V/1A plug x 1, 5.5 x 2.5 mm
– (DC) 5V/2A plug x 1, 5.5 x 2.1 mm
– (DC) 5V/1A plug x 1, 5.5 x 2.1 mm
– USB Ports*
* The same set of USB ports and DC plugs of 5V output cannot be connected simultaneously. (The two sets share the same current output)
LED Indicator Output Status x 4
– Green light means power on and the condition is stable
– Red light means over current protection activated and power off
– No light means no power inputOutput Over Temperature x 2
– Yellow light means over temperature protection activated
– No light means temperature is normal or no power input
Temperature Operating: 0 ~ 35 °C (32 ~ 86 °F)
Storage: -20 ~ 70 °C (-4 ~ 158 °F)
Humidity Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions 200(W) x 111(H) x 200(D)mm
7.88(W) inch x 4.38(H) inch x 7.88(D) inch
Weight 4.2 KG / 9.3lbs
Please Note:

  • The maximum current gross output of two 12V ports is 3A, which means if you connect 12/3A port to a device which requires exactly 12/3A input, then the 12V/1A port cannot be used.
  • The maximum current gross output of two 5V ports is 2A, which means if you connect 5V/2Aport to a device which requires exactly 5V/2A input, then the 5V/1A port cannot be used.
  • Click here to download the Forester F2 Quick Start Guide.