Silent Angel Munich MU

Silent Angel Munich MU


New Generation Audiophile-Grade Network Streamer, Enjoy the Ultimate Sound Quality

Hi-Fi Grade Network Streamer. Focus on the Ultimate Sound Quality.

The Pure Digital Music Player Hi-Fi Audio Equipment. After rigorous tuning procedures and extreme sound source testing, with dedicated system software, focus on your ultimate digital audio experience.

Technological Innovation for Next-Generation Digital Streaming

  • 6-Core Processor
    • Dedicated to Achieving Faster Speed and Enhanced Stability
  • High Performance
    • Exceptional Platform for Unparalleled Audio Performance
  • TCXO – Clock Signal
    • Highly precise clock minimizes network latency and jitter problems
  • Radar Grade Switching Power
    • Class-leading internal Power Module design
  • Outstanding Analog Signal
    • Enhancing Tonal Quality in Digital Streaming Sources
  • Next-Generation Audio Technology
    • Authentic and Natural Music Source Reproduction

Enhanced Interfaces. For High-Fidelity Digital Music.

Upgrading Traditional Amplifier Systems.

  • Featuring both XLR balanced and RCA (single-ended) outputs, coupled with an integrated ESS decoding chip, this system shapes a reference-grade “analog” sound. Simply connect it to your amplifier or active speakers, and instantly elevate your audio system into a high-end HiFi sound experience.

Rich Digital Outputs for HD Environments.

  • This system fully caters to a variety of connectivity needs. It employs next-generation lossless audio transmission path optimization technology, delivering an audio quality that exceeds imagination.

Artisan Craftsmanship for Authentic Analog Sound.

  • Double-Layer Chassis with Integrated Manufacturing Process.
    • Munich Ultra offers superior structural integrity compared to welded sheet metal enclosures, providing enhanced shock absorption and better electromagnetic interference isolation, ensuring pristine audio quality.
  • The Perfect Digital Circuit Minimizes Noise in Digital Signals.
  • Premium Audiophile-Grade Audio Components.
  • Precision EMI Interference Resolution Technology.
  • Premium Audiophile-Grade Audio Components.
  • External 10MHz Clock Input Achieves Optimal Network Stability and Lower Noise.
    • Utilizing High-Precision TCXO Clocks and optimizing the clock peripheral circuits, it minimizes network latency and jitter to the maximum extent. Equipped with an internal/external clock selector switch, it enables seamless switching between internal and external clock sources.
  • Abundant Streaming Music Services.
    • Leading Music Streaming Platforms Embedded , Offering MQA Audio Decoding and Seamless Access to High-Quality Online Music Content through Various Methods Including Tidal Connect, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, DLNA, Airplay2, Roon Ready, and Internet Radio.

Mobile App, VitOS Orbiter

Easily locate and set up a new device, browse and stream music. Listen to all your favorite songs with details displayed such as bitrate, sample rate, bit depth and format (e.g. DSD, WAV or FLAC).