Taralabs Air Evolution SP

Taralabs Air Evolution SP


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As part of our continuing research into cable technology and the application of air tubes to reduce the effects of dielectric content in the speaker cable design, TARA Labs proudly introduces the Air Evolution™ Speaker Cable. This cable provides exceptional performance and a current carrying capability that is greater than a 6 gauge conductor. Each channel is comprised of 2 large Teflon tubes, each having 35 Rectangular Solid Core conductors helixed around the tube.

The Air Evolution Speaker Cable has tremendous bass weight and authority, with a neutral and revealing mid-range with high frequency and airy detail that is not found in comparable audio cables. Images are rendered with precision and lifelike quality.

  • BSM (with interchangeable Spades and/or Bananas)
  • SAOF-8N copper conductors
  • 10+ gauge conductor runs
  • 70 RSC Gen 2 conductors per channel in an Aero PE dielectric
  • Extremely transparent & neutral
  • Well-defined & revealing
  • True reference quality
  • High-frequency response
  • Extremely linear & extended
  • Bass frequencies are tight, clear & neutral

The Air Evolution ‘SP’ (Special Performance) model is the upgraded version recommended for audio systems that require additional inductance.