Taralabs The One XL

Taralabs The One XL


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Using both air as well as dielectric materials, the One XL that incorporates material using vacuum filled microscopic glass spheres that lower the dielectric absorption. Patented shield is isolated from the signal path using our HFX floating ground station system. The One XL interconnect is a fabulous high-end audio cable that will enhance and uplift any audio system. The cable is a wide bandwidth cable and offers the listener high frequency extension, full midrange and tight and powerful bass frequencies as well. The is an extremely quite audio cable with a capacitance of 12pF, which is extremely musical as well as quite dimensional in its soundstage.

  • XLR or RCA (“Torque-lock”) termination
  • SA-OF8N / 99.999999% pure copper conductor
  • RSC/ rectangular solid core, mono-crystal, frequency tuned, oxygen -free conductor
  • HFX floating ground station system
  • Air dielectric & Teflon dielectric center tube construction
  • Anti- corrosion coated silver shield
  • High-frequency extension, with details and spatial cues
  • Full midrange and tight full bass
  • Excellent soundstage with tonal spectrum
  • 12 pF (cable capacitance measure in picofarads)


“The sound of a full ‘The One’ system is not a sound at all. It’s more a feeling – a sense of quiet between the notes; a sense of the air, size, volume, and reverberant quality of the original recorded venue; a sense of true-to-life harmonics that bloom from a naturally hushed yet vibrant soundstage. Depth perception was available both in the soundstage and in the music itself, you might say. The soundstage was also utterly transparent out to its farthest corners.
…In my view, The One is one of only a handful of cables that sit at the very top of the heap….I crave the nuance, the quiet, detailed, and airy soundscapes that The One set up….I’m mad for The One’s utter refinement and deft hand with the low-level cues and microdynamics that make the music live. Fear not, The One also does high-level dynamics like nobody’s business.”
–Jonathan Scull, Stereophile Magazine


“When, The One from TARA Labs was introduced, I did not expect it to provide any significant breakthrough in performance. However, after listening to my system with ‘The One’, I found that this is the best Interconnect cable I have ever listened to in my life or at least since I have been involved with the audio evaluation business. Every aspect of the music reproduction and tonality maintains the highest standard in sound reproduction.”
–Y.K. Chan, Audiophile Magazine, The High-End Journal of Hong Kong

«When connecting ‘The One’ Interconnect cables to the little grounding box called Chassis Ground Station, magical changes start. The quiet background noise is further cleaned out, causing the musical contrast to be more conspicuous. There is also a slight improvement in the feeling of environment and space. The Low Frequency and high frequency also have better responses. By replacing the little ‘Chassis Ground Station’ with the big ground box called the ‘Floating Ground Station’, ‘The One’ can put out its full capability.
There was a big difference in the performance: the music became crystalline and the sound from each instrument became much more natural – this is really something that had never been obtained from cables before in our experience!«
–Sonic Review Magazine



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