Taralabs The Zero Evolution

Taralabs The Zero Evolution


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The Zero Evolution is another remarkable breakthrough in cutting edge technology and design from TARA Labs. The Zero Evolution design supersedes the Zero Gold with a 75% increase in bandwidth, in addition to an incredible capacitance of 2.5pF, resulting in a vanishingly low noise floor that creates the widest dynamic range possible. Our SAOF-8N 99.999999% inline polished conductors uses our new proprietary Liquid-film™ dielectric. The Zero Evolution also includes our new flexible air-tube technology and design.

This results in a sound that reveals fine nuances of attack, sustain and delay, and is extremely revealing of subtle high-frequency detail. The listening experience is described as holographic and lifelike.

  • Zero Evolution design supersedes the Zero Gold with a 75% increase in bandwidth
  • RCA («Torque-lock») or XLR
  • Anti-corrosion coated SAOF-8N copper shield
  • RSC Gen 2 conductors
  • Teflon and Aero-PE filaments ensure complete air dielectric construction
  • Controlled spacing of conductor to conductor geometry produces record low interconnect capacitance of 2.5pf (pico-farads)
  • Controlled geometry for stable electrical characteristics
  • Extremely revealing with subtle high-frequency detail
  • All new flexible air-tube technology and design
  • SAOF-8N inline polished conductors with TARA Labs proprietary Liquid-film™ dielectric
  • Break through design and technology delivers an incredible listening experience
  • Extremely low noise floor creates the widest dynamic range that reveals extremely fine nuances of fast attack, sustain and decay
  • 2.5pF (cable capacitance measured in picofarads / pF) 



«I’ve heard nothing like it… the new, finally flexible Zero Evolution takes the sound to another level of liquidity, transparency, and limitless high-frequency extension.”
–Michael Fremer, Stereophile Magazine

“The full-blown Zero Evo effect is dramatic, like you have on X-Ray goggles and can see how the whole thing is organized. It’s defined to the max in all directions—left to right, front to back, up and down—and detailed, detailed, detailed…. not even the tiniest square footage, is blurry or vague. Detail builds upon detail. Every instrument has its own space and fits in with no overlapping, like pieces in a 3-D puzzle. The thing is so solid and images are so precisely positioned it has the aspect of a large piece of aural sculpture… This new cable has the fastest, cleanest transient I’ve come across, with absolutely no grain or edge marring its excellent delivery. Every frequency is perfectly aligned and that allows transient edges to come into view, revealing fine details of texture.”
–Marshall Nack / Positive Feedback Online

“When it comes to the retrieval of very-low-level, deep-in-the-mix/ back-of-the-stage information (including ambient information), nothing I’ve heard can beat out the TARA Labs Zero and Omega.”
–Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound

“I do not know how TARA guys did it, but the new The Evolution Zero interconnect is even smoother, more enjoyable, and yet its tone is significantly more open, treble is nicely extended and it never lacks the energy and brilliance. Everything that is happening there, whether it is cymbals, or trumpet and saxophone harmonics, and finally sibilants – everything shines wonderfully, is particularly vivid, and yet smooth…
First, let me tell you about dynamics – a fantastic, explosive, powerful one. Always equally exciting without tempering in less important moments, and by that generating huge excitement. This is one of the few cables that show this aspect of music intimately, as if we were sitting in front of a stage at a concert. It’s a beautiful, exciting performance even smoother than what we get from SILTECH Triple Crown, which took me completely off guard. How they achieved that, how did they combine energy and open treble with such an excellent smoothness – I do not know. Just as I have no idea how they managed to show back plans so perfectly without adding any brightness to the sound, without damping the attack.”
–Wojciech Pacula, High Fidelity



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