Taralabs The Zero Gold Gen2

Taralabs The Zero Gold Gen2


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One of the most successful audio cables of all time is the original Zero Gold interconnect from TARA Labs. The original Zero Gold was praised for its breakthrough performance. In the Gen 2 design, technology has literally been borrowed from the famous and more expensive Zero Evolution interconnect. Available now is the ZERO Gold Generation 2 audio cables at a lower price, with complete flexibility and better performance than the original Zero Gold.

The breakthrough improvements include greater bandwidth and a completely new and proprietary air-dielectric construction. TARA Labs first introduced air dielectric interconnect cables in 1986; 30 years ago. And instead of using round conductors in air-tubes, TARA Labs uses Rectangular Solid Core® (RSC®) conductors which are ‘seated’ inside small air-tubes™. The new Zero Gold Gen 2 makes full use of this technology. 

The new Zero Gold Gen 2 will offer the listener an audio cable that is absolutely fabulous! Extremely low in capacitance at 4 pF, with a sound that can be described as holographic. Exceptional high-frequency extension and detail, expansive soundstage with spatial cues with a bottom end that is rich and full of bloom, in addition to a substantial low noise floor. This interconnect is simply astounding for the price. And for audiophiles who remember the original Zero Gold, the flexibility of the new Zero Gold Gen 2 will simply amaze!


“Let me first assure the skeptics that I could hear the improvements rendered by the Zero Gold within seconds of first installation, and I was able to hear them without incessant swapping of other cables. The Zero Gold managed to make what objectively might be described as “many small improvements” over my other top cables, but did so in a way that added up to much more than their sum…

Inserting just one pair of Zero Gold interconnects between my DAC and my digital room correction resulted in the following:

– Every soundstage is not just wide and deep, but becomes much more three-dimensional.
– Every performance venue’s boundaries become discernible.
– Each instrument’s body and character are accurately conveyed.
– Each note exhibits its full attack, bloom and decay in a very realistic way.
– Every style of music exhibits correct pace, rhythm and timing.
– Every instrument is presented with appropriate weight and slam.
– Every performance is unified, while letting the listener also hear individual performers.

The Tara Labs Zero Gold is absolutely everything it’s billed to be. It is an incredible combination of holographic imaging, dead silence, body, pace and rhythm, detail, performer placement, sense of space, and every other audiophile value you’ve ever heard of.”

–Ed Momkus, Dagogo Review


“Yesterday I popped down to my dealer and he told me to take home these Tara Labs interconnects to try out. I’ve had a lot of cables in my system. I’ve owned Siltech Triple Crown, Jorma Prime and am currently using PAD Neptune which gives the most luscious midrange I have ever heard. But, with these cables an extraordinary thing has happened to the midrange and the top end.

Through the Zero Gold the treble is extended but smoother and has less grain or edginess compared to anything I’ve ever heard. The midrange is also eerily lifelike and set in a spookily quiet background. When you first listen to them they don’t stand out in any way. There’s no increased bass or a prominent top end that some other cables portray but which u quickly tire of. They just sound relaxed and dense at the same time. But also with amazing space and air. So far very impressed.”

–TARA Labs Customer, AudioShark Forum