Taralabs The 0.8 XL

Taralabs The 0.8 XL


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The 0.8 XL is a state-of-the-art interconnect cable using an all PTFE (Teflon) air-tube construction. The extended Bandwidth technology is employed using a product design that has a perfect air-dielectric environment and minimal dielectric construction to extend the high-frequency bandwidth to provide a linear and uncompromising approach to the sound of the interface. A complex system of braided shielding made of pure copper and silver is used to control the RF and EMI interference. The shield is part of a specially designed Floating Shield System, where the shield floats at both ends of the interconnect cable. The floating shield is connected at the source end, to the HFX Floating Ground Station. The Floating Ground Station uses Ceralex devices internally to absorb and dissipate RF and EMI interference in the shield. The 0.8 series is one of TARA Labs most popular interconnect cables.

  • RCA (“Torque-lock”) or XLR
  • All new, fine tolerance construction
  • All Teflon air-dielectric spacers and center air tube
  • Twin-axial design features RSC Gen 2 conductors using Aero-PE dielectric
  • Anti-corrosion coated SAOF-8N copper shield
  • HFX Floating Ground Station system included
  • Extremely open & detailed with exacting focus
  • Clear & precise , tonally coherent frequency spectrum
  • New resonance control dielectric produces vanishingly low noise floor and high frequency extension
  • 10pF (cable capacitance measured in picofarads / pF)


«This cable line from TARA Labs is special indeed … it stands at the pinnacle of the best cabling that I have heard in my system to date … For those most fortunate to have a truly reference caliber system, and looking to get it to another level of “that’s it!” organic solidity, soundstage layering and ambient spaciousness, these TARA Labs reference cables are among the finest I have heard. I will be keeping the 0.8 interconnects as my new references in my system. They, like TARA Labs The One speaker cables and 0.8 digital cable, have that special gift of refining the “soft spoken purple” tones of an instrument like Kashkashian’s viola so that it fuels our passion for listening even more. I can think of no better compliment!»
–Nelson Brill, Stereo Times

«The TARA Labs 0.8 IC’s between sources and preamp were quite an improvement over my previous WireWorld and AcousticZen cables. The Floating Grounding Stations in between sources and preamp also helped to reduce noise, expand soundstage and improve bass, while adding some nice sweetness to my system.
Since completing the full Tara loom, I have experimented with some different cables and specifically, silver in my system (mostly at the insistence of friends). I didn’t like what I heard. The Tara loom is full, rich, completely non-fatiguing and very musical. TARA Labs states that the 0.8 interconnects are «very revealing of low-level ambient and spatial cues with exacting focus.» I couldn’t say it better myself.»
–TARA Labs Customer, AudioShark Forum



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