TCI Tiger II Speakercable 3m

Varenummer: TCI Tiger II speakercable

TCI Tiger II Speakercable 3m


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TCI Tiger II speaker cable is built to an exacting design using aerospace grade materials and, whilst inconspicuous by its size, when it is attached to your speakers it carries an amazing amount of detail. Dynamics flow with ease whilst the sound stage created is both airy and precise. Bass is tightly controlled and vocals have a real live quality about them. Suitable for both home cinema and Hi-Fi system use, it features high purity silver plated copper conductors with Superthane primary insulation, then wrapped in a secondary insulation to provide durability and flame retardant protection.

– 99.999% SPOFC high performance loudspeaker cable
– Two 99.999% silver plated oxygen free conductors of 19/0.25mm
– Internally sheathed in a Superthane primary insulation jacket
– Wrapped with outer insulation flame retardant PVC jacket
– Outer jacket diameter 5.5mm

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