Whest Audio 60S Pro single box phono stage

Whest Audio 60S Pro single box phono stage


The 60S Pro is built to complement your already high-end turntable front-end and represents the finest whest audio design expertise.

New for 2023 is the entry level into VERY high-resolution vinyl playback the 60S Pro.

Built to complement your already high-end turntable front-end the 60S Pro represents 20 years of precision audio design expertise.

Like its bigger siblings, the 60S Pro is tonally neutral allowing you to hear everything at their correct levels.  Neutrality is just one thing that is needed to be able to hear your cartridges signal properly.

With the 60S Pro you get a totally NEW hybrid input stage – a hand selected monolithic opamp driven into a high current all discrete transistor Class-A output stage.  Yes it is a little bit of a mouthful but this configuration allows for higher resolution and a complete departure from the ‘opamps’ sound.   This ultra low noise input configuration is the finest example of whest inginuity – thinking like no other manufacturer.

Our hybrid extended RIAA filter has been the mainstay of our designs for the past 20 years.  The new 60 Series utilises this tried-and-tested configuration but now it is even tighter but still channel matched to within 0.1dB across a wider band – 14hz to 80khz.

The output stage is again all Class-A and all transistor.  Like the input stage, the output stage is built as a module for maintaining low noise and to ensure that the delicate cartridge signal gets through unscathed.

We use 4 times as much copper on all of our circuit boards compared to other manufacturers.  This attention to detail takes to a very different level and is just one area where we excel over others.

Connecting the 60S Pro like all whest audio phono stages is easy and flexible. 1 pair of audiophile quality RCA connectors for the input section with a substantial ground post for the turntable ground.  For outputs, 2 stereo pairs are available via RCA, for connecting to a main system and a headphone amplifier.  A 3rd output on balanced 3 pin XLR can be used to connect your 60S Pro to a stand-alone digital or analog recorder for accurate and low noise transfer work.

High resolution vinyl playback is just a skip-hop-jump away from being part of your system with the 60S Pro.


Rear panel image for illustration only