TCI Constrictor

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TCI Constrictor


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TCI Constrictor RFI filtering mains cable uses the same advanced construction and materials as TCI Baby Constrictor, but with an additional 50% thicker cross-sectional area and 25% more silver. It gives further sonic improvements including more detail, bigger soundstage, improved dynamics and a deeper and more controlled bass. In addition because of the quieter noise floor, low level detail and micro dynamics are further improved


– 8x PTFE insulated SP-OFC conductors
– Braided construction for superb RF rejection and filtering
– Non-inductive, self screening construction
– Polyolefin / polyester braid for abrasion resistance
– Optional True-Plug™ IEC Plugs (Standard with Schuko version) – Designed, hand made and finished in the UK.

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